Baked meatballs



Thành phần để chuẩn bị

Minced beef: 1.800 g
Minced pork: 1,800 g
Grated cheese: 500 g
Eggs: 120 g
Whole milk: 130 g
Grated bread: 100 g
Salt and pepper: 50 g
Olive oil: 55 g

Chuẩn bị và nấu ăn

Knead all the ingredients except oil, mixing them homogenously, and put in the oven for at least an hour to let the dough firm.

Form meatballs of about 20/25 grams each and put them on the tray. Add oil and cook following the parameters (see pdf).

Serve the meatballs with baked or mashed potatoes or stewed vegetables.

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