Roast chicken



ส่วนผสม สำหรับการเตรียม

Fresh whole chickens: 9.760 g
Fresh rosemary: 40 g
Fresh sage: 30g
Garlic: 60 g
Lemon peel: 40 g
Olive oil: 200 g
Salt and pepper: 60 g

การเตรียม และการปรุง

Remove any feathers or excess skin from the chickens. Wash them accurately under cold running water and dry.

In the meantime finely chop herbs with lemon peel and garlic and mix them evenly with salt, pepper and olive oil. Massage the chickens with the mixture both externally and internally and macerate for at least 12 hours in the fridge.

Place the chickens on the trays and cook following the parameters (pdf).

Serve with baked potatoes or stewed vegetables.

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