ส่วนผสม สำหรับการเตรียม

Frozen chicken nuggets: 350 g
Frozen onion rings: 250 g
Frozen mozzarella sticks: 250 g
Frozen Steakhouse french fries: 300 g
Seed oil: 30 g
Fine salt: 20 g

การเตรียม และการปรุง

Put the product still frozen in the oven following four steps (see pdf):
phase 1: french fries sprayed with little seed oil (on the 6th level)
phase 2: chicken nuggets (on the 5th level)
phase 3: mozzarella sticks (on the 3rd level)
phase 4: onion rings (on the 4th level)

At the end of the cooking remove the product from the oven, add salt and serve hot with sauces separately.

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