30 pcs


ส่วนผสม สำหรับการเตรียม

Soft butter: 400 g
Powdered sugar: 450 g
Type “0” flour: 400 g
Potato starch: 140 g
Eggs: 350 g
Milk: 150 g
Fine salt: 2 g
Vanillin: 2 g
Chemical yeast: 12 g
Chocolate chips: 240 g

การเตรียม และการปรุง

In a mixer beat soft butter and sugar with the whisk. Meanwhile sift flour with starch, salt, vanillin and yeast.
Blend the eggs with milk.
Once the mixture of butter and sugar has been beaten, gradually add milk and flour mixing until the dough is soft and without lumps.
Add chocolate chips.

Preheat the oven.

Fill the muffin moulds to ¾ and cook following the parameters (see pdf).

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