Roast quails



준비 재료

Fresh quails: 5.000 g
Minced garlic: 20 g
Rosemary: 40 g
Thyme: 20 g
Fine salt: 30 g
Black pepper: 5 g
Extra virgin olive oil: 220 g

준비 및 요리

Remove feathers and wings extremities from the quails, then wash them under fresh running water.

Once the quails have dried, season with a mixture of minced aromatic herbs, garlic, salt and pepper, then pour them with olive oil.
Place the quails on the trays.

Preheat the oven.
Put the trays in the oven at the end of preheating phase, then cook following the parameters (see pdf).

Serve with roast potatoes and vegetables with butter.

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