A reference in high quality professional ovens Made in Italy.

Inoxtrend was founded in 1989 in the manufacturing heart of the Italian stainless steel district, among those small and medium-sized companies whose craftsmanship is renown worldwide. Since its beginning the focus was on care for details, innovation and research of technical solutions for the professional kitchen: ovens for restaurants, bars, food shops, bakeries, pastries, pizzerias.


Excellence in the Kitchen. From Pastry to Gastronomy, to Bakery.

Excellence in the Kitchen

Nowadays Inoxtrend continues to pursuit excellence in technology and manufacturing quality, producing a very wide range of professional ovens in stainless steel, ready to satisfy all the needs of the restaurant specialists and professionals.

Each and every professional oven is manufactured with care of details creating solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality, research and technology. The very high quality of manufacturing and details, the design, the reliability, the innovation, the trustworthy service and customer support, all made Inoxtrend become a global Brand able to establish in the international markets, respecting culinary traditions, international standards and the various country norms.

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Cutting-edge solutions for State-of-the-Art Professional Ovens.

Any user’s needs and desires will find an answer in the wide choice of Inoxtrend models, assuring a tasty, healthy and creative cooking, leaving way to imagination and skills. We base our company’s philosophy on the cooperation with international top chefs and a very carefully engineered R&D job. Our in-house dedicated laboratory represents the heart of the company’s creativity. Inoxtrend develops Professional ovens with essential qualities such as durability, safety and efficiency.

Inoxtrend is part of the project “Food Service Equipment” by Somec.

“Food Service Equipment” is a development project of Somec Group, which designs and manufactures glass envelopes for cruise ships and special architectural projects. In recent years, through the take-over of Oxin, Somec widened its core-business to turnkey supplies for the shipboard catering. Integrating Inoxtrend in its portfolio, Somec means to widen its product range, including stainless steel Kitchen Equipment for terrestrial purpose.

Inoxtrend certificates
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