History & Current News

In 1989, after a long experience, cooperating with the most renowned Companies in the professional kitchen appliances business, we founded INOXTREND.  At the beginning the activity was Design and Engineering of professional appliances.

In 1990 we started an artisan enterprise  (first of self-service showcases and units, then of professional ovens) and gradually, thanks to the success gained on the market, we passed on to an industrial production of Combination ovens, with the use of state-of-the-art machinery and installations, working in order to optimize the functions and reduce waste (lean production).

Our 30 years of technical and commercial experience in this industrial sector, has seen INOXTREND become one of the most popular product in international markets, confirming and improving both the economical and qualitative results of our product.

Nowadays, INOXTREND is a dynamic reality,

in rapid development, well-known and appreciated worldwide; one of the few independent Companies specialized in professional ovens manufacturing.

Inoxtrend is an independent establishment, which is still controlled on a daily basis by the founding family that manages the Company to the maximum quality standards.

Our management is participatory and this means involvement of personnel in the evaluations concerning the company; being able to count on a wider range of opinions, know-how, information and experiences grants many benefits.

The quality of our Company is the sum of the qualities of our employees. We ask our coworkers loyalty, commitment, performance and sense of responsibility for their actions. They can expect the same from us.

Our goal is transparency: “we say what we do and we do what we say”. We manage the personnel implementing clear targets, we make them grow as participants to the improvement and the development of our appliances, our services and our organization.

We are a group of people that perform with passion, always putting a little bit of their soul into their job!