Passion and commitment

We are working to manufacture appliances with ever more advanced operational capacity, but easy to manage and good value. The target of our efforts is to create competitive advantage for those who choose our ovens, giving guaranteed reduction of the overall costs related to the use of our appliances. We want to enable our customer’s job to be easily repeatable, safe and simple.

At INOXTREND we aim to design all our products to enhance the user’s experience and meet their requirements, without being forced to fit to ours, and help to contribute their success.

INOXTREND constantly aims towards advanced solutions in cooperation with the chefs; we are proactive in working with them listening to their requirements and their suggestions.

We aim to guarantee a good, healthy and creative kitchen, leaving the chef to show his experience and skills in the quality products he presents to his clients.

Inoxtrend has a clear philosophy of research and development as it’s cornerstones.

We fight for the constant strengthen of the INOXTREND brand in the International markets; we defend our know-how and the “Italian concept”: special features that make of our appliances excellence niches.

…a continuous, difficult but possible challenge, because the “INOXTREND family” is challenged by passion and commitment…